Display of LASER projects and designs.

Projects and Art

Many hours invested in new LASER projects in the last week. The lead photo is a simple cutting pad / cutting board project. My spouse is a quilter and discovered a cheaply priced stash of the green self healing cutting pads on one of her quilting trips and brought home ten of them. I have …

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Getting Framed

I found a way to combine 3D printing with LASER engraving. LASER engraved items like cutting boards and tissue boxes are straight-forward. Take an engrave-able item and add engraving. A caveman could do it. I am looking at the flat panel line engravings I have been making. The actual engravings look great. But they are …

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Fired Up!

Working with my LASER engraver for a couple of days. Thought I would show off what I have been doing. The lead [photo is a Chevy Corvette C6, My neighbor has both a C6 and just acquired a C7. I gave his this engraving Only used my LASER for cutting thin paper. I bought a …

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Time Flies?

WOW! Time flies, really… Been away from LASER activity. Overcome by the Covid 3D Print bug. Need to get away from that for awhile. I think I am developing an allergy to PolyLactic Acid fumes. (A type of plastic used with 3D printing.) There is a lot of smoke generated with LASER burning, engraving, cutting, …

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Making the Cut

I am now engraving small bamboo cutting boards. Shown here are the six inch by eight inch size. I have done four of them to date.  On order are a dozen twelve inch by nine inch bamboo cutting boards. I have no design ideas at present.  I will have them “in stock” for when I …

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