Tools, hardware and equipment used in LASER engraving and cutting.

xTool D1 Pro 20

Just ordered one of these 20 watt (output) Diode LASER xTool D1 Pro engraver/cutters. Operates the same as my present 5 watt (output) diode LASER sold by TallTree,  Read my TallTree blog post HERE.  The D1 Pro has all the same ENVIRONMENT exposure issues as my originaL. But is four times the available power and …

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Air Assist

Today I will experiment with air assist with the laser engraver. The process is very similar to mist cooling with metal cut milling operations and also similar to chip clearing with my overheard CNC wood router and with my wax milling on my Taig.  This is not my first experience with air assist. This time …

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Laser Burn Plate

I notice most of the open frame LASER cutting systems use a “spoil board” under the item being through cut. This “spoil board” is usually MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). When having been in use for awhile, I notice the board is usually well burned from being exposed to the LASER beam after target material cut-through. …

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LASER Application

WHAT NEXT? Doing a little thinking through blog writing. I have a LASER engraving machine on order. Everyone should know what LASER engraving is. Unless you been a starfish under a rock under the sea for the last 25 years or so. I should not need to explain the concept in too much detail. It …

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